Social Chatting Apps

Why do social messaging apps matter?

Chatting  is a quick and easy way to interact with your business. It makes it easier to contact your business with questions or concerns. This is a great opportunity for your business to respond and build a relationship with your audience.

  • Social chatting apps allow your business to interact with current and potential customers and provide them with a personalized experience. Ultimately, this can help you earn more conversions for your business.
  • Your audience also expects your business to maintain a presence on chatting apps. The days of calling businesses to find information are slowly fading. Everyone is busy and on-the-go, so they don’t always have time to make a phone call. Ultimately, this can help you earn more conversions for your business.

Why People Use Social Chatting  Apps?

  • Real-time text transmission
  • Records of a chat history
  • Easy for multitasking
  • Operating anytime anywhere using the WiFi or Mobile Network operators
  • Stickers

Our Features

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Private chat allows private conversation with another person or a group. The privacy aspect can also be enhanced as applications have a timer feature.


The lack of a service fee also makes social chatting apps advantageous to financial applications like Venmo or PayPal. 


Some messaging applications include in-app games for entertainment. For example, the Facebook Messenger application has a built in option to play computer games with people in a chat, including games like Tetris and Blackjack.


Many major messaging apps offer the call feature for user-to-user calls, conference calls, and voice messages. The call functionality is useful for professionals who utilize the application for work purposes and as a hands-free method.

High-power technology stack for your Social Chatting Apps 

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